Is your bathroom as safe as it should be?

Today’s bathrooms are a santuary for some, a getaway for others, or a place of rest and relaxation for many.  Gone are the days of  postage sized bathrooms …. today’s home owners are expanding their bathrooms, now called ensuites, to be, in some cases, as large as their master suite!

In our haste to create a home spa-like environment, many homeowners are failing to focus on the very basics of bathroom safety.

The number one issue in many bathrooms is all those beautiful custom showers -many have missing grout or cracked tile.  To most, these things are not a big deal.  To Rombough Renovations, it is a major deal.  With repeated showers, the water can penetrate behind that missing grout or cracked tile.  Over time, this leads to mould behind the walls and sometimes, the mould is so severe, that you can start to see black mould in shower corners.

The second issue in bathrooms is leaking or loose toilets.  If a toilet is a loose, it can cause the flange to leak, which can cause a bad odour in your bathroom.  In addition, with each flush a tiny bit of water escapes.  Over time, this slow accumulation of water can cause the floor underneath to rot.

The third issue in bathrooms is bathtubs with combined shower heads.  Any cracks in the tile, mildew or discolouration can be a result of water damage behind tiles caused by the shower.  Also, if your tub has any cracks, water may be slowly escaping behind.

Rombough Renovations – Ottawa’s Renovation Choice – recommends the following maintenance steps to be taken to ensure your bathroom is safe ….

1) When showering, ALWAYS wipe down the tile, both walls and base, with a dry towel or squeege.  This is to help prevent hard water residue from forming on your tile …. your shower will stay looking newer for longer!

2) Check your toilet regularly to ensure it is tightly fixed to the floor.

3)  Call a plumber or renovator if you notice any water where it does not belong.

4)  Check your caulking around your tub on a regular basis.

5)  If any bathroom fixtures are loose, rusty or leaking, it is a good idea to consider replacing.

 6)  Inspect your sink and taps for any drips.  If this is noticed, it may time to replace those old taps with something new.

Bathroom Safety Tips from Rombough Renovations:

Inspect the base of your shower, if tiled, for loose/cracked or soft tiles. If you have a shower pan, inspect for any cracks.  If anything is noticed, it may be a sign of potential water damage that needs investigation as to the cause.

Inspect shower walls for loose/cracked or soft tiles.  As above, if any  damage is noticed, contact your renovation specialist to investigate. 

Check all corners/edges of your bathtub for caulking.  If you notice mould/midlew or missing caulking, contact you renovation specialist for assistance.

Check your toilet for any soft areas around the base.  Also check for looseness of the toilet.  If anything is noticed, contact your renovation specialist.

To summarize:

Water is a necessity in any bathroom; however, water is also your bathrooms worst enemy!  It can cause severe damage and cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.  Your safest bet when contemplating a bathroom renovation  or if you need to undertake a bathroom renovation due to water damage or mould, is to always hire a qualified renovation company.  Your qualified renovation specialist will know what needs to be replaced and why, will provide you with today’s safest materials to re-build the bathroom of your dreams and has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right!

Rombough Renovations – Ottawa’s Renovations Choice – has transformed many bathrooms into ensuites that bring the spa home to you!  In addition, we have also identified and repaired several mouldy showers into safe, functional and beautiful works of art!

If your bathroom is in need of some repairs or it is simply time to turn your boring bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams, contact Ottawa’s trusted bathroom specialist – Rombough Renovations.

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