Solving the Mystery of Hardwood Flooring maintenance!!!!


Did you know that in order maintain your hardwood flooring’s appearance and make it last you a lifetime, the trick is maintaining the humidity levels in your home?

45-55% humidity levels are the recommended guidelines from industry experts.

Flooring can also change seasonally …  during heating season (winter), a humidifier can be helpful to prevent shrinkage due to low humidity.  During non-heating season (summer), the humidty levels in most homes are optimal for hardwood flooring through the use of air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Do you know of some tried and tested tips to maintain the appearance of your hardwood floor?

1)  A regular vacuum to remove sand, dirt and and abraisive dust from cracks and crevices or even the surface can aid in minimizing scratching.

2)  Wipe up any spills immediately as wood and liquids simply do not mix!

3)  Use felt pads under your furniture to prevent scratching.

4)  Remove shoes before entering your home.  Did you know that high heels can actually dent your floor?

5)  Be cautious when allowing pets to play on hardwood .. their sharp little claws can do considerable damage!

6)  The most eco friendly way to remove sticky residues from your hardwood floor is with ice cubes.  Remember to wipe up any excess water immediately!

7)  Water and vinegar can be effective in removing tough stains but be cautious … while this can be an effective stain remover, it can also damage the finish of your floor and/or yellow the colour (due to the acidity in the vinegar).  This solution should be used only where needed and sparingly.

8)  Touch up pencils are great to mask marks on the floor.

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